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Devin Alvarez plays DJ Guayaba in Trico Tri!

Film Producer, Armando Gutierrez, Jr. casts Devin Alvarez in his all-new movie Trico Tri: Happy Halloween, a witty Spanglish comedy. Devin plays DJ Guayaba in the movie Halloween scenes. The movie filmed in Miami in an old abandoned house, the Bradford home, a haunted house that even Santeros are afraid to enter because of the paranormal spirits living inside. A hilarious turn of events unravels that pokes at Hispanic culture.

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Culinary Therapy is what’s cooking at Here’s Help

  By Rixys Alfonso While many substance abuse treatment facilities are still using traditional methods to treat their clients, Here’s Help one of South Florida’s premiere providers of residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment is offering their students an innovative approach coupled with traditional therapy, they call it #RecoveryThroughEducation. The Badia Spices Culinary Arts Program…

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